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Posted by on Oct 18, 2015 in Uncategorized |

Photo Etiquette for Wedding Guests

Technology has delivered us all to the land of being able to capture fantastic photos.

Gone are the days of waiting in line at CVS to pick up your photos, and then to go home and call your family to let them know how the wedding photos came out. Smart phones have relegated all of that to history, and if you take a photo that you don’t like, you can simply delete it and take 10 more immediately.

Whether you are attending a wedding and wish to use your phone to take photos, or you are bringing a digital camera, you should really take some time to familiarize yourself with your equipment. There are so many great features on our phone cameras, as well as on the host of diminutive digital models on the market, learning all that you can about them is a great way to take quality photos during important events.

Some couples also leave disposable cameras on the reception tables to allow guests to take photos on their own.  If you’re attending a wedding with this kind of gig, it’ll be nice to know how not to waste those shots.

If you want to use the disposable cameras, a very popular trend in receptions these days, do some research on those prior as well. Finally, should you find yourself at one of the many gorgeous reception facilities in Essex County, New Jersey, you likely have a backdrop for your photos that is second to none, so you should take full advantage of that.

Always consider the professional photographer


The first thing to remember about taking photos at the ceremony itself, be it in a church, chapel, mosque or synagogue, is to never take a photo before you have seen the professional the couple has hired for the event start to take pictures. By doing so, you can stay away from his view. Don’t get in his way. That’s number one rule for every wedding guest.

Be sensitive about using the flash


That is what happens when you’re not sensitive about your camera’s flash. If you notice the photographer is not using a flash,  he’s either trying to work with natural light for a good shot or flash is not allowed in that house of worship. Either way, take the cue and avoid using the flash.

Take table shots


Tables shots are not very popular nowadays. Reception halls in Essex County, New Jersey, are largely palatial, elegant facilities with numerous options for taking photos on lush grounds, as well as indoors. That being said, a nice place to start taking photos is right at your own table! A lot of photographers do not take table shots anymore as the couples are not interested in purchasing them. Maybe this is why disposable cameras have become more popular.

You would want to capture some photos at your table, so as to give the couple a perspective that they will otherwise not have. Also, if you help to organize pictures at your table, like taking group photos where some at the table stand behind those that are seated, you will likely get some really nice shots the couple will greatly appreciate. In addition, other tables will likely follow suit, which will warrant even more nice photos. Another thing to remember is instead of taking photos with half eaten plates of food littering the table, wait to take some shots when the table is cleared, and also concentrate on getting close-up photos of those at your table, as this will serve to avoid other distracting elements.