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Photo Tips for Wedding Guests

Posted by on Oct 18, 2015 in Uncategorized |

A wedding is an optimal time for amateur photographers to try out their skills in an open and loving environment. Although most wedding parties hire official professional photographers, there are so many things going on during the average weddings that these professionals will doubtlessly be overwhelmed. Friends and family members have the inside knowledge on many guests, so they will know where to point their cameras to capture the most intimate, most loving, and most hilarious snapshots of a beautiful ceremony.

Here are a few tips that might help you capture better shots.

  1. Know the Crowd

crowdThis is an incredibly valuable skill for an amateur photographer to have. If you can predict the moments that will occur within the confines of a wedding, you can know how to position yourself as well as when to snap the shutter for that perfect picture of the groom’s parents, or the bride’s adorable ring-bearing cousin, or the slightly-drunk uncle balancing precariously on a chair during a dance-off. Taking great amateur shots is often a function of being in the right place at the right time, and being equipped to take advantage of that placement.


  1. Know Your Gear

Although advancements in cell phone technology have made it possible to take excellent pictures using only your mobile device, an amateur photographer can never hope for their pictures to outstrip the quality of those from a wedding photographer unless they have proper camera equipment. An advanced Nikon, Fujifilm or Canon can help cover up some of your beginner mistakes as a photographer, simply because the technology is so pure and the pictures will look so good. If your framing is off or your exposure is a bit out of whack, the mistake will be very obvious on iPhone or Samsung pictures; however, few people will notice slight errors in an otherwise excellent-quality picture. They will simply be absorbed in how clear Mom and Dad’s faces are, or wrapped up in the intricate detailing on the wedding cake.

  1. Know the Event

programSimilar to the first one, but in addition to knowing the attendees, a good amateur photographer should know the program front to back. Wedding photographers concentrate heavily on this aspect of the event, because the program focuses on controlled events that simply must be photographed. As fun and interesting as candid shots can be, all married couples want photos of those all-important events such as cutting the cake, the first dance, the various toasts that occur, and so on and so forth. If you want your photo arsenal to be taken seriously, it must contain fun candid shots interspersed with more serious shots of the ceremonial events themselves. Weddings are exercises in tradition, and these traditions should certainly inform your photography.


Wedding photographers have an essential job, but for an event to be properly cataloged for the future, the photos that they take must be complemented by various amateur shots from guests. If you are a guest who wants this responsibility, make sure to come prepared, both mentally and physically. Know the ins and outs of the ceremony, the attendees, and your equipment, and above all — make sure to have fun! No one likes to be photographed by a dour sourpuss — your emotional output and personality will dictate the types of shots and candid expressions that you receive access to.

If you’re looking for a great photographer for your wedding and somehow got sidetracked to this article, you can check out my good friend Rick Helman. He’s one of the best and he’ll gladly direct amateur photographers on how to not get in his way. (Just kidding!)

Photo Etiquette for Wedding Guests

Posted by on Oct 18, 2015 in Uncategorized |

Technology has delivered us all to the land of being able to capture fantastic photos.

Gone are the days of waiting in line at CVS to pick up your photos, and then to go home and call your family to let them know how the wedding photos came out. Smart phones have relegated all of that to history, and if you take a photo that you don’t like, you can simply delete it and take 10 more immediately.

Whether you are attending a wedding and wish to use your phone to take photos, or you are bringing a digital camera, you should really take some time to familiarize yourself with your equipment. There are so many great features on our phone cameras, as well as on the host of diminutive digital models on the market, learning all that you can about them is a great way to take quality photos during important events.

Some couples also leave disposable cameras on the reception tables to allow guests to take photos on their own.  If you’re attending a wedding with this kind of gig, it’ll be nice to know how not to waste those shots.

If you want to use the disposable cameras, a very popular trend in receptions these days, do some research on those prior as well. Finally, should you find yourself at one of the many gorgeous reception facilities in Essex County, New Jersey, you likely have a backdrop for your photos that is second to none, so you should take full advantage of that.

Always consider the professional photographer


The first thing to remember about taking photos at the ceremony itself, be it in a church, chapel, mosque or synagogue, is to never take a photo before you have seen the professional the couple has hired for the event start to take pictures. By doing so, you can stay away from his view. Don’t get in his way. That’s number one rule for every wedding guest.

Be sensitive about using the flash


That is what happens when you’re not sensitive about your camera’s flash. If you notice the photographer is not using a flash,  he’s either trying to work with natural light for a good shot or flash is not allowed in that house of worship. Either way, take the cue and avoid using the flash.

Take table shots


Tables shots are not very popular nowadays. Reception halls in Essex County, New Jersey, are largely palatial, elegant facilities with numerous options for taking photos on lush grounds, as well as indoors. That being said, a nice place to start taking photos is right at your own table! A lot of photographers do not take table shots anymore as the couples are not interested in purchasing them. Maybe this is why disposable cameras have become more popular.

You would want to capture some photos at your table, so as to give the couple a perspective that they will otherwise not have. Also, if you help to organize pictures at your table, like taking group photos where some at the table stand behind those that are seated, you will likely get some really nice shots the couple will greatly appreciate. In addition, other tables will likely follow suit, which will warrant even more nice photos. Another thing to remember is instead of taking photos with half eaten plates of food littering the table, wait to take some shots when the table is cleared, and also concentrate on getting close-up photos of those at your table, as this will serve to avoid other distracting elements.

Taking Photos as a Wedding Guest

Posted by on Oct 18, 2015 in Uncategorized |

You really don’t have to be a professional wedding photographer in order to get great shots at a wedding. It certainly helps if you have the experience, but unless you’re really following up on learning how to be a professional photographer, you’ll still be taking amateur photos.

Read: 10 Tips for Taking Better Photos with Your Smartphone

A lot of us have smartphones and to be honest, phones nowadays have crazy quality specs. Some phones even take better photos than a camera. Also, with phone applications, editing is just a click away.

  1. Natural Shots

candidGood amateur shots are all about timing. People might pose for you, but they are going to be more inclined to pose for the professional photographers. As an amateur photographer, it makes much more sense to try to take the great pictures as they present themselves. When you watch the new couple, wait for a moment when they seem to be making the perfect pose, and then take a snapshot at that moment. When the guests appear to be having a great time and they’re bonding over how happy they are for everyone, that can make for another really nice shot. You are an amateur photographer, and it makes more sense to have something of a phantom approach to the whole thing. But this doesn’t mean you can’t go prepared. Check out these common mistakes by amateur photographers.

  1. Timing

relaxMake sure to take pictures of everyone early in the ceremony, when everyone is still fresh and happy. Weddings can go on for a long time, and a lot of people are going to feel worn out by the end of the festivities. You aren’t going to be able to get everyone to put themselves back together in time for a photo shoot with an amateur, and it makes more sense to try to capture everyone at their best, including the ceremony itself. Try to wait for the moment when the sun is still out, or when the night still has some life left in it. Then you will be able to get the perfect backdrop in some cases, or the perfect accent to the pictures you want to take. This doesn’t mean you can’t take photos during the reception, if you check out this gallery, you’ll see awesome reception photos.

  1. Spontaneity

In some cases, you might be able to get a lovely picture from the new couple or some of the guests. However, these amateur shots are really going to look exactly like the amateur shots that they are. They will have a tourist feel to them, as if you are on vacation and you are taking pictures of everyone in an exotic locale. It makes more sense to try to capture the moments as they happen when you are taking pictures as an amateur photographer. These moments are certainly going to present themselves over the course of any long and detailed wedding reception. Some people will end up taking these sorts of pictures just because they’re starting to get a little restless. There’s no reason why you can’t be a fantastic amateur wedding photographer for a day. If you know how to take pictures that are balanced and centered, they will have the right effect.

10 Wedding Photos You Must Take

Posted by on Sep 26, 2015 in Photography, Weddings |

When it comes to weddings everyone wants to look their best starting from the bride and the groom. But have you ever wondered why do people want to look their best? Well, certainly it has something to do with taking breathtaking photographs at a wedding and leaving a life-long impression. While we are at photographs, let’s mention top ten wedding photos you must take at a wedding.

  1. The Dress

It is absolutely essential that you take the photo of the dress in which you are getting married.  Furthermore, you can take the picture of a dress without actually wearing it. This will give a certain appeal to your wedding photographs, and make them unique and unusual.

  1. The Rings

You have probably spent a lot of time choosing the right rings for the occasion, therefore if it is only fair that they take a significant place in your photo album.  Also, it’s a charming photograph that you must have, and that you will absolutely cherish someday in the future.

  1. The Invitations

Often people forget to take photographs of the invitations they are sending out to people.  These charming photographs will definitely make you remember of all the good times you had at your wedding and preparing for it too.

  1. Bridal Bouquet

Also, you should definitely get a photograph of your bridal bouquet, as you will simply love to have the flowers see you can read it down the aisle eternalized in your photo album.

  1. Groom’s Boutonniere

The groom’s counterpart of a bridal bouquet, should not be left behind, and should also take an important place in your photo album.

  1. Bridal Portrait

The portrait of the blushing bride is usually one of the most beautiful, breathtaking photographs in a photo album. Also, in this way you will forever keep the memory of your wedding day.

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  1. The First Look

Ah, that first look on the bride! The stunned faces of friends, family and especially the groom! It is absolutely priceless and should definitely find a place in your wedding album!

  1. Preceremonial Photos

Since prior to the very ceremony in the entire wedding party goes through various emotions, it is an extremely interesting time to take some of the most amazing photographs at a wedding.  They will show the number of emotions, people often don’t even take time to process due to the adrenaline.

  1. The Family Shot

Weddings are into most cherished moments for the entire family and you will definitely love having the family shot from your wedding at your wedding album.

  1. The Kiss

The-Fennes-Bocking-wedding-First-KissThe kiss of the bride and the groom is the most cherished moment at a wedding and should be memorized. Also, this unique event celebrates the love between two people and also signifies the beginning of their lives as a small family of two. A truly special event should be celebrated and sealed with a kiss!